About us

Rachael Ainsworth


Hello, my name is Rachael Ainsworth, I am a Parent, Teacher, Life coach and the founder of Confident Minds..


My transition from primary teaching to mindset consultant began after 20 years of teaching. I had become frustrated by the increasing demands for pupils to make greater progress at the expense of wellbeing. I had always prided myself in a 'positive teaching' approach, but this simply wasn't enough. I was witnessing an increasing number of pupils at far too young an age develop strong fixed beliefs about themselves which were clearly affecting their progress, self-esteem and general confidence.


After my eldest daughter experienced first-hand these pressures and a dip in confidence I knew that throwing more work at children was not the answer to increase performance. And so Confident Minds was born.


I am passionate about helping both children and adults develop the confidence and self-esteem to live happy lives. Happy, confident people achieve more, develop better relationships and explore greater opportunities.


Through the Confident Minds training programme for teachers, workshops in classrooms and one to one coaching sessions my greatest joy in my life is witnessing people release their fixed ways of thinking in order to truly grow and experience a happier, more successful way of living and learning.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Nichola Denman who will be delivering the work of Confident Minds in the London area.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... You're right”


Nichola Denman

With 10 years experience working in one of London’s most exhilarating and highly-competitive sales sectors, I have experienced what it takes to be successful in a highly demanding and pressured working environment. 


Having worked at Director level to deliver multi-million pound revenue, setting clear objectives and reaching targets are ingrained within me. I worked closely with individuals to identify their core strengths and motivations and this quickly became an area I was most interested in.


I witnessed how different people cope with the pressure of a fast-paced working environment. How some thrive off a constant challenge and seem undeterred by setbacks whilst others of the same ability,  experience a loss of confidence and become withdrawn or anxious with the situation.


On top of this, it fascinated me to identify that for many individuals, their professional success did not always correlate with a sense of happiness and fulfilment and consequently job satisfaction.  


With a first class BA (Hons) degree in Psychology and having qualified as a Positive Psychology Coach this is an area I have explored further. 


Having recently started a family of my own, my focus on positive wellbeing and happiness is at the forefront of my mind. I am extremely passionate about setting children and adults on the right path to living happy, successful, and fulfilled lives. I believe that equipping children with the necessary skills to be positive, confident and resilient individuals is absolutely essential to their education.

“Research shows that happy children are more likely to stay motivated, and have higher academic achievement in schools”