Our Approach

Here at Confident Minds we work with individual pupils and adults, as well as train teams of teachers, on how to reframe the way children (and adults) see themselves as learners.

Unfortunately some people place limits on themselves through negative self-beliefs which lead to anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence which then leads to under performance and reduced happiness.

The good news is we can all access the confidence and self-esteem needed to perform at our absolute best, whether it’s school work, sport, friendships or trying out new experiences. And this is vital, as patterns established in childhood often last a lifetime.

We recognise the importance of identifying your own MINDSET.  How being able to challenge your own negative thoughts and self-doubts is crucial to developing a confident mind. Establishing emotional resilience to failures and having the belief and confidence in your own ability to achieve anything, is fundamental to your success.


In fact, it is this POSITIVE mindset which ultimately fuels our success.


“Research shows that positively-wired brains can boost productivity by up to 31% and are three times more creative than negatively wired ones. When we think positively our energy levels rise. We work harder, faster and more intelligently”


The good news is, this can be learned - at any age. We can change the way our brains process the world. 

If we can change our thought processes we can literally change our lives. We can find new ways of “being” which means children and adults naturally feel better about themselves and their abilities. Below are just a few of the benefits of the positive thinking strategies we teach;

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

  • Letting go of anxieties, doubts and worries

  • Being relaxed with peers, developing better friendships

  • Overcoming nervousness in exams and other performance situations

  • Confidence in handling the challenges of growing up

  • Releasing full potential

  • Increasing focus and motivation

  • Being more optimistic and determined

  • Replacing self-doubt with positive self-talk

  • Developing an inner peace

  • Promoting a 'can do' attitude to learning

  • Improving overall happiness, wellbeing and performance

If you feel we could help on a personal level, or if you are a headteacher and you feel your school would benefit from Growth Mindset training please get in touch. 


Changing Mindsets really does change lives! With the right MINDSET we can achieve anything!